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Crio 8432 WT Digital White Toner Printer (A3 Paper)

Crio 8432 WT Digital White Toner Printer (A3 Paper)


Extend your creativity to beyond CMYK printing in solid, sharp and bright white is now as easy as printing in any color textile or hard surface. Now you don’t have to compromise on your designs or worry about how vibrant colors will look on dark material. This printer enables end users to easily print in-house what they need, when they need it. Just think of the possibilities from t-shirts to promotional items.

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Delivering High Definition quality with expanded color capabilities, the Crio 8432 WT printer produces vibrant, cost-efficient color heat transfers. This compact printer features white toner technology with solid opacity plus CMY color. It fits on a desktop and prints on transfer sheets up to tabloid size. A straight-through paper path reduces material handling and eliminates expensive special media printing processes.

Print the best: High-quality heat transfer printing

  • Tired of compromising on designs, or worrying about how vibrant colors will look on dark materials. Now your worries are over, with the Crio 8432 WT color printer. The 8432 WT lets you print quickly and easily – in-house and on-demand – with results that will impress.
  • Produce vibrant, high-quality color heat transfers easily and affordably
  • Customized support for transfer media, so you can set up jobs quickly using familiar terms
  • Eliminates trial-and-error media selection, boosting your print productivity
  • Grow your market: White toner technology … plus!
  • The Crio 8432 WT gives you exceptional white toner printing technology with solid opacity plus CMY color. So you can create vibrant color transfers on light and dark apparel, hard goods and promotional merchandise.
  • Offer popular and profitable new printing services
  • Accelerate your output: Fast, smooth color print output
  • When you need high-speed, high-quality throughput, Crio delivers. The  8432 WT keeps work flowing smoothly, with accelerated print speeds and efficient transfer media feeds.
  • Prints color plus black through a mix of Cyan Magenta and Yellow toner
  • Up to 16 letter-size or 9 tabloid-size full color transfers per minute – even when applying full coverage at high resolution 2
  • 300-sheet day-to-day tray reduces paper handling – 100-sheet Multi-Purpose Tray also handles postcards and invitations
  • Easy versatility: Save time and gain new printing options
  • The 8432 WT color printer has what you need in a transfer media printer. It produces High Definition color quality with white toner, for vibrant color transfer on light and dark apparel, hard goods, promotional merchandise and more. It offers tremendous versatility, so you can explore new applications, open new revenue streams, and grow your printing business.


  • Printer: 2-Year On-Site Limited Warranty
  • Digital LED Printheads: 5-Year Limited Warranty