Heat, Transfer, Vinyl, Custom Shirts, HTV, Foil, HTV, Metallic, Hologram
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     12” x 25 feet
    Antique Rose (Additional $5)
    Aqua Blue Hearts (Additional $5)
    Black Gold Striations (Additional $5)
    Blue Leopard (Additional $5)
    Blue Pebbles (Additional $5)
    Blue Silver Gold Tie Dye (Additional $5)
    Cracked Gold Ice (Additional $5)
    Cracked Silver Ice (Additional $5)
    Gold Champagne (Additional $5)
    Gold Flowers (Additional $5)
    Gold Pebbles (Additional $5)
    Gold Plaid (Additional $5)
    Gold Stars (Additional $5)
    Gold Waterfall (Additional $5)
    Leopard (Additional $5)
    Multi Roses (Additional $5)
    Neon Green
    Neon Orange
    Neon Yellow
    Oil Metallic (Additional $5)
    Pink Flowers (Additional $5)
    Pink Hexagon (Additional $5)
    Pink Leopard (Additional $5)
    Pink Roses (Additional $5)
    Pink Waterfall (Additional $5)
    Psychedelic Rainbow (Additional $5)
    Purple Leopard (Additional $5)
    Rainbow Lines (Additional $5)
    Red Gold Silver Tie Dye (Additional $5)
    Red Marble (Additional $5)
    Red Orange Striations (Additional $5)
    Red Weave (Additional $5)
    Shattered Glass (Additional $5)
    Silver Rainbow (Additional $5)
    Silver Scales (Additional $5)
    Silver Zebra (Additional $5)
    Teal Flowers (Additional $5)
    Teal Rainbow (Additional $5)
    Teal Waterfall (Additional $5)
    Royal Blue
    Twilight Blue
    Sapphire Blue
    Yellow Gold
    Bright Gold
    Sunlight Gold
    Antique Gold
    Metallic Black
    Apple Green
    Hot Pink
    Bright Silver
    Matte Silver
    Midnight Purple
    Rainbow (Additional $5)
    American (Additional $5)
    Blue Water (Additional $5)
    1. Cut your design in a Reverse or Mirror Cut.
    2. CUT with the adhesive side facing upwards and plastic carrier facing down
    3. Weed/pick out/remove all excess & unwanted
    4. Place design on garment - sticky glue side will hold it in place. Press it at 300F for 10 seconds and hot peel.
    5. CUT a piece of foil that is slightly larger than the Adhesive design.
    6. CAREFULLY place foil over the Adhesive design and make sure it is completely covered. Place a cover sheet over design and heat apply. Temperature: 300°F for 10 seconds and cold peel
    7. You Have a finished Product