Heat, Transfer, Vinyl, Custom Shirts, HTV, Foil, HTV, Metallic, Hologram
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     12” x 25 feet
    Antique Rose (Additional $5)
    Aqua Blue Hearts (Additional $5)
    Black Gold Striations (Additional $5)
    Blue Leopard (Additional $5)
    Blue Pebbles (Additional $5)
    Blue Silver Gold Tie Dye (Additional $5)
    Cracked Gold Ice (Additional $5)
    Cracked Silver Ice (Additional $5)
    Gold Champagne (Additional $5)
    Gold Flowers (Additional $5)
    Gold Pebbles (Additional $5)
    Gold Plaid (Additional $5)
    Gold Stars (Additional $5)
    Gold Waterfall (Additional $5)
    Leopard (Additional $5)
    Multi Roses (Additional $5)
    Neon Green
    Neon Orange
    Neon Yellow
    Oil Metallic (Additional $5)
    Pink Flowers (Additional $5)
    Pink Hexagon (Additional $5)
    Pink Leopard (Additional $5)
    Pink Roses (Additional $5)
    Pink Waterfall (Additional $5)
    Psychedelic Rainbow (Additional $5)
    Purple Leopard (Additional $5)
    Rainbow Lines (Additional $5)
    Red Gold Silver Tie Dye (Additional $5)
    Red Marble (Additional $5)
    Red Orange Striations (Additional $5)
    Red Weave (Additional $5)
    Shattered Glass (Additional $5)
    Silver Rainbow (Additional $5)
    Silver Scales (Additional $5)
    Silver Zebra (Additional $5)
    Teal Flowers (Additional $5)
    Teal Rainbow (Additional $5)
    Teal Waterfall (Additional $5)
    Royal Blue
    Twilight Blue
    Sapphire Blue
    Yellow Gold
    Bright Gold
    Sunlight Gold
    Antique Gold
    Metallic Black
    Apple Green
    Hot Pink
    Bright Silver
    Matte Silver
    Midnight Purple
    Blue Water
    1. Cut your design in a Reverse or Mirror Cut.
    2. CUT with the adhesive side facing upwards and plastic carrier facing down
    3. Weed/pick out/remove all excess & unwanted
    4. Place design on garment - sticky glue side will hold it in place. Press it at 300F for 10 seconds and hot peel.
    5. CUT a piece of foil that is slightly larger than the Adhesive design.
    6. CAREFULLY place foil over the Adhesive design and make sure it is completely covered. Place a cover sheet over design and heat apply. Temperature: 300°F for 10 seconds and cold peel
    7. You Have a finished Product