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Laser Transfer Paper: The Business Opportunity

Start a business The MagicTouch opens up a whole new world of full-color printing onto an almost endless variety of products with photographic image quality in no time at all. Minimum order is one at outstanding value for the money. The process is simple and requires no special skills. No chemicals, no clean up, no heavy or hard operations, and you can stop and start jobs at any time.

Corporations, schools and organizations are looking to cut costs these days – yet everyone still wants to give personalized gifts and wants their employees and students to wear logo-branded t-shirts. Our products give them a low-cost way to fill the need, so our business is growing.

Put your entrepreneurial and creative energy to work with one of today’s high-potential small business opportunities. Run it from home or office. It can be a second income or a full-time business.

Free Training Included

Business packages can be tailored to suit. Get started for as little as $2,499. Your start-up kit includes printer, heat press, transfer media and application products.

TheMagicTouch conducts all necessary training in our showroom in Niles, IL, near Chicago, over two days. All materials needed are supplied and at the end of the course you are armed with a complete sample kit, operator manuals, price list and marketing tools. As part of the package we help identify your customer base.

Even though this is not a franchise we continue to support our customers with leads, new products and ideas.

Please contact us to find out more about this exciting and rewarding business opportunity.



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