The World's Number One Image Transfer Paper System for Color Laser Printing Devices
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  • Low Cost!
  • Virtually No Maintenance!
  • Brilliant Text and Graphics!
  • Easy to Learn and Use!
  • High Productivity!
  • Maximum Durability!
  • A Complete System Solution!

The world’s most innovative and affordable system for digitally decorating black and dark color apparel well as dark and clear hard goods.


The C711WT is the ideal printer for creating quality laser transfers for ALL color fabrics and hard substrates. The high definition color toners and dense white toner are durable and UV resistant.

Images and text are sharp and vivid. Detail is incredible. White toner can be printed by itself on dark fabrics and hard surfaces, or be used as a base to create dense, bright colors. A unique 'straight-through' paper path insures smooth operation with TheMagicTouch certified transfer papers. Printer speed and settings are optimized for each transfer paper type. Initial investment is much lower than direct printing alternatives. Operation is simple. Maintenance and operating costs are very low. Productivity is very high.

MagicTouch Exclusive SPACE-CONTROL Software Puts YOU in Full Control

TheMagicTouch USA includes powerful, easy to use 'SpaceControl' print utility software with each C711WT printer. 'SpaceControl' allows total control over the white toner i.e. where it is used and how much is applied in various image areas to create the best visual effects. The well designed interface provides a real time visual preview of the white toner application as adjustments are made.

DARK FABRIC DECORATION MADE EASY! New WoW 7.5 Two Step Self-Weeding Transfer Paper

Wow 7.5 provides the finest method for decorating black and dark color garments. Wow uses a simple 2 step process that is easy and fast. An opaque coated layer is transferred to printed areas from the WoW sheet and combined with the white toner. This produces the best possible whites and bright colors. WoW7.5 transfers printed with the C711WT are very, very soft and stretch with the fabrics. You can close your eyes and run your fingers across the transfer and just barely feel it. In addition, wash and dry durability as well as long term wear durability is excellent. With a minimum application temperature of as low as 110°C/255°F, WoW 7.5 virtually eliminates potential heat press damage on many of the popular 'high tech' performance fabrics and garments. Even the most intricate images can now be transferred. In addition, both processing steps are performed at the same temperature and no complex masking or alignment steps are required.

CREATE THOUSANDS OF NEW PRODUCTS! CPM Transfer Paper for Dark and Clear Hard Surfaces

CPM has been the leading laser transfer paper for hard goods for many years. Paper release is excellent and transferred toner adheres well to a variety of hard substrates. Now, COLOR+WHITE high density toner dramatically expands CPM applications allowing the decoration of any color material, product or substrate. CPM hard surface papers can be utilized to decorate almost anything you can imagine... dark color mugs, tiles, award plaques, diaries, leather, phone and tablet covers, binders as well as glass and acrylic awards.



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